We are committed to delivering future-focused solutions to the global personal care industry through close collaboration, exceptional agility and unparalleled scale.

  • Formulation

    Our product design capabilities includes creating formulas custom to your business.

  • Testing

    Products are tested for quality and compatibility with our line of custom packaging solutions.


    Our team will support your product’s brand identity and custom plastic-free packaging.

  • Production

    We can manufacture your products at full-scale or small batch productions.

  • To Market

    Our line of bath + body products are in stock and available to ship in customizable packaging.

Custom Formulation

Our product design capabilities allow you to create formulations custom to your brand. Any of our formulations can be made to align with your company’s needs, including clean, compliant and cruelty-free in quality. Additionally, we are able to blend your formula into personal care products that are compatible with our plastic-free and water-soluble pods.

Water Soluble packaging

From custom formulation to manufacturing of your product, Junk Free Skin is equipped to provide your brand with plastic-free packaging alternatives. Our water-soluble film dissolves in seconds and it can be adapted to the compatibility of your formula.


It is our goal to provide innovative plastic-free packaging solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities can be customized to your products.


As skin enthusiasts and are ready to offer you products that are ethically sourced, cruelty-free and sustainable. Be kind to the planet!