About Junk Free Skin

Junk Free Skin is a pioneering manufacturer dedicated to eco-friendly personal care products. Our facility is fully equipped to produce 5300 gallons of hand soap daily, alongside 432,000 hand soap pods daily. We are the preferred co-packer for water-soluble film, recognized as the winner of the "Most Innovative Sustainable Project" award from SBR. Committed to genuine efforts in eco-friendliness, we lead in creating products that are kind to both the environment and our employees. Active in our community, we're dedicated to fostering a sustainable, responsible future. “There’s a more sustainable way to clean… saving you storage, money and most importantly the environment"

Why Choose Junk Free Skin Foaming Hand Soap

Saving You Money

* Waterless Shipping Advantage:
  • Lower Shipping Cost: Eliminating water content reduces shipping weight, resulting in a cost reduction of over 80%.
  • Weight Efficiency: Our product weighs only 5 pounds, significantly lighter than competitors’ products that weigh 36 pounds, enhancing overall logistics efficiency.
* Wrapped in PVA water soluble film, JFS products stop at the customer; there is no waste to discard, and the packaging is 100% compostable
* Inventory Space Efficiency:
  • Streamlined Storage: Our concentrated hand soap allows you to store four cases in the same space that would typically accommodate one traditional case.
  • Maximizing Space: By minimizing the need for excess storage, you optimize warehouse or retail space, improving overall efficiency.

How many is your company putting in the landfill?

* Landfill Waste Reduction:
  • Over 90% Reduction: Our products contribute to a reduction of over 90% in solid waste in landfills.
  • Reusable Packaging: Our PETE 2 jug is designed for sustainability, allowing for up to 400 reuses, minimizing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.
* Manufacturing Excellence:
  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Junk Free Skin is a fully equipped manufacturer committed to using cutting-edge technology.
  • Clean Ingredients: Our products are crafted using clean ingredients, ensuring a high standard of quality.
  • Impressive Capacity: Capable of producing 5300 gallons of hand soap daily and over 400,000 liquid pods daily, we meet high-volume demands efficiently.
  • Innovation for Sustainability: We develop groundbreaking products that empower our customers to embrace sustainability without compromising on quality.

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